Living For Eden

Paul Cardall reflects on life’s journey and his own experiences in Living for Eden (2 Disc Set). Disc one features twelve upbeat, raw, emotional pop instrumentals, while disc two contains nothing but heartfelt piano solos tenderly performed on his own piano in the quiet and reflective moments at home. Expeience 90 minutes of beautiful music.

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Track List:

Disc One

    (Music with his Band)

  1. Our Love
  2. A Peace of My Heart
  3. Early Monday
  4. Wasatch
  5. Late Afternoon
  6. Passing Time
  7. Living for Eden
  8. Searching
  9. Sunday Drive
  10. Hope
  11. Forgiven
  12. November

Disc Two

    (Music for Solo Piano)

  1. Return to Eden
  2. 1986
  3. Searching for Home
  4. Evening Falls
  5. Monday Morning
  6. Along the Wasatch
  7. More Hope
  8. April Skies
  9. Remember Our Love
  10. Sweet House of Prayer
  11. Twinkle Little Star
  12. 1987