Kenneth Cope says, “I was born to point people to God. Through song, through words, through every medium available to me. I proclaim my Lord’s glorious gospel, and do the greatest good I possibly can to my fellowmen. And while I have all these artistic tools for my use, I’m to accomplish my purpose through love.”

Kenneth grew up in a family full of musicians, his mother was a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at the age of 18. Kenneth devotes his success to hard work. “I worked pretty hard to develop my talents. Then, when an opportunity came along, I guess I was ready-prepared to take it.”

He has released 17 albums, including a lot of work done for years with EFY CDs. Kenneth has also found great success through his song-writing and story-telling. Those that have listen to his music understand that the music created by Kenneth Cope is unique and shares with it’s listeners a love for his talent.