Live What I Know: Honoring the Values of Young Women

This new values-themed album is bound to be a lasting favorite for LDS young women, their leaders, and their parents. Filled with original, fresh, and timeless songs from singers/songwriters like Hilary Weeks, Julie de Azevedo, Cherie Call, and more. Each of the eight original songs highlights one of the Young Women values. This music will inspire young women to live a more virtuous life and stand firm in the faith.

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Track list:

  • He Loves Me
    Katherine Nelson & Jessi Osmond
  • I Find Faith
    Hilary Weeks
  • I Am Divine
    Carmen Rasmusen Herbert
  • My Story
    Stephanie Mabey
  • When I Learn
    Katherine Nelson
  • I Choose Him
    April Meservy
  • Good Work for Me to Do
    Cherie Call
  • He Whispers Courage
    Julie Yardley
  • The Virtue of Gold
    Jenessa Buttars
  • Live What I Know
    Hayley Anderson

Forgotten Carols

Michael McLean’s touching Christmas tale has become a timeless classic. It tells the story of a nurse whose empty life is changed by her patient, John, who expands her understanding of Christmas. The Forgotten Carols are original songs from the perspective of characters such as the innkeeper who turned the young couple away or the shepherd who slept through the angel’s announcement. Their personal accounts, until now, have been overlooked or ignored. Together, John and Constance discover what the world has fogotten about Chirstmas.

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Track List:

  • Let Him In
    Jordan Bluth
  • Homeless
    Jordan Bluth
  • He Was Here
    Michael McLean
  • Handel’s Dream
    Michael McLean
  • Mary Let Me Hold Her Baby
    Lynne McLean
  • The Music Box
  • I Was Not His Father, He Was Mine (Live)
    Michael McLean with Jordan Bluth
  • Three Kings Found the Lord
    Jordan Bluth
  • I Cry the Day I Take the Tree Down
    Kelly Kuhnen
  • What I Need
    Kelly Kuhnen
  • Arise and Shine Forth
    Jordan Bluth
  • Together Forever / Silent Night (Live)
    Michael McLean