Popcorn Bopping: Dance-Along Mixes of Favorite Kids’ Songs

You’ve never heard Primary songs like this! In this sing-along, dance-along collection, your children’s favorite songs have been rearranged in a way the whole family can enjoy. Perfect for road trips, family time, or any time!

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  • Popcorn Poppin
  • “Give,” Said the Little Stream
  • Pioneer Children Sang As They Walked
  • I Hope They Call Me on a Mission
  • I Have Two Little Hands/Hinges/Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes Medley
  • The Handcart Song
  • Follow the Prophet
  • Hello Song/Fun to Do Medley
  • If You’re Happy/Do As I’m Doing Medley
  • Book of Mormon Stories
  • Saturday/When We’re Helping Medley
  • Oh, What Do you Do in the Summertime?
  • My Heavenly Father Loves Me

Shine: Songs for Youth 2012

New for the 2012 theme comes Shine, an album specifically for the youth of the Church. Each song will inspire the youth to live the gospel, and remember the year-long theme.

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Track List:

  • Hold Your Light Up (Conlon Bonner)
  • Brighter (Jessi Osmond)
  • Time for Love (Calee Schroeder)
  • Little Bit of Hope (Aaron Edson)
  • The Spirit Speaks to Me (Julie Yardley)
  • Shine (April Meservy)
  • Free (Chad Neth)
  • The Truth (Catherine Papworth)
  • Faithful (Hilary Weeks)
  • He Loves Me (Katherine Nelson)
  • If You Try (Justin Cash)
  • Bonus Track: Nearer, My God, to Thee (Vocal Point)

Choose the Right: Songs for Children 2012

Children songs for the new year. Vocal and Accompaniment tracks included on disk.

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Vocal & Accompaniment Tracks

  1. As a Child of God
  2. Choose the Right
  3. Stand for the Right
  4. Meek and Lowly in Heart
  5. When I Am Baptized
  6. Nephi’s Courage
  7. The Wise Man and the Foolish Man
  8. I’m Trying to Be like Jesus
  9. Whenever I Have to Choose
  10. Article of Faith