Justin Cash

Justin Cash


Justin Cash’s unstoppable personality and amazing attitude about life have been a huge influence for him and his music. Justin personally calls his style of music “feel-good music.”

With his opportunity to live around the United States and spend two years in Spain have given his blue-rock music a variety of different flavors. Justin Cash’s music brings you to a feel good place where music is grooves and melody is king.

“Among the top ten recording artists that shaped our year.” – Conversations Magazine

“Justin is a triple threat: great songwriter, guitarist, and singer. And one of the most positive people on the planet.” – Peter Breinholt, neo-folk luminary

Recent music.

  1. 1Beautiful World - Beautiful World
  2. 2Beautiful World - Over The Rainbow
  3. 3Beautiful World - You And Me
  4. 4Beautiful World - No Sorrow In Jesus

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