Noel - Carols of Christmas Past CDGrammy-nominated violinist Jenny Oaks Baker captured the historic sound of Christmas on her latest album, Noel: Carols of Christmas past. The album features songs produced and arranged by Emmy-award-winning composer Kurt Bestor. 

Vocalist Alex Sharpe was a special guest artist on the album.  She is a former member of the popular group Celtic Woman.  She recorded a music video with Jenny Oaks Baker for the song Silent Night, which Sharpe sings in Irish Gaelic. The video can be seen on YouTube at:

Two songs on the album also featured Kitka, an Eastern European-style vocal group based in California.

An interesting feature of Noel is the unique array of instruments that were used.  Kurt Bestor went to great lengths to track down and use ancient instruments from many countries, like the lute, dulcimer, Kora, and ney flute.

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Behind-the-scenes video of her latest album Noel!