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Sorry for the long hiatus on this website. We have been undergoing some major new developments and you’ll see some changes happening with Shadow Mountain Records very soon. We are passionate about music that uplifts and edifies. We are excited to share with you some powerful new releases from our artists. If you’ve noticed the activity with the label in the past year, you’ll see that there has been a lot of incredible album releases. Here are some highlights: The Nashville Tribute band hit the top 10 on the Billboard Christian chart in 2014, GENTRI hit #2 on the Billboard Classical and Classical Crossover charts this year, Jenny Oaks Baker has been riding high after a recent Grammy nomination and an incredible reception of her latest release “Classic: The Rock Album”, Broadway star Sandra Turley has released an achingly beautiful collection of songs on her second album “Inside My Soul”, The Capitol String Quartet has released their debut string quartet album of gorgeously arranged hymns, and Eric Robertson has infused spiritual music with a new vibrant electronic-charged sound on his albums “Peace of Heaven” and “Voices of Heaven”. Please check back for updates on what is going on with the label, we have some exciting new releases coming very soon. As always, we’d love to hear from you.

Shadow Mountain Records and FM 100.3 Partner to Make Christmas Album

White Christmas CDWe partnered with FM 100.3 to produce the album White Christmas, featuring some of your favorite SMR artists!

All proceeds of the album were donated to The Road Home homeless shelter.

LDS Living Magazine took a tour of their facility to get a behind-the-scenes look at what donations can do!

Watch this behind-the-scenes and see what your donation can do to help.

Listen to some of the songs found on the album!


  1. 1White Christmas - What Child Is This
  2. 2White Christmas - Do You Hear What I Hear
  3. 3White Christmas - Carol Of The Bells

Grammy Nominated Violinist Creates Next Big Christmas Album

Noel - Carols of Christmas Past CDGrammy-nominated violinist Jenny Oaks Baker captured the historic sound of Christmas on her latest album, Noel: Carols of Christmas past. The album features songs produced and arranged by Emmy-award-winning composer Kurt Bestor. 

Vocalist Alex Sharpe was a special guest artist on the album.  She is a former member of the popular group Celtic Woman.  She recorded a music video with Jenny Oaks Baker for the song Silent Night, which Sharpe sings in Irish Gaelic. The video can be seen on YouTube at:

Two songs on the album also featured Kitka, an Eastern European-style vocal group based in California.

An interesting feature of Noel is the unique array of instruments that were used.  Kurt Bestor went to great lengths to track down and use ancient instruments from many countries, like the lute, dulcimer, Kora, and ney flute.

Purchase the album here!

Behind-the-scenes video of her latest album Noel!

What are Parents Saying About the New Album Scripture Power?

ScripturePower CDScripture Power brings your favorite children’s songs to life in a way your kids will love! Dance along with your kids to these upbeat remixes.

Check out these customer reviews of Scripture Power from!

Really, really FUN!

by Stephanie – reviewed on October 01, 2012

This is not your typical Primary Music! Each song has a “sound-alike” theme…it was like listening to Katie Perry or The Black Eyed Peas. My kids enjoyed dancing to this mix of CLEAN music and it has made our “Top 6” of car-rotation CDs. You won’t regret this purchase!

Super fun to get up and dance to!

by Aimee – reviewed on February 01, 2013

We LOVED Popcorn Bopping so when I saw this today I immediately downloaded it. I think we’re listening to it for the third time in a row right now. Wonderfully done, super fun to dance to! I turn it on and the kids and I dance (and clean) together. MUST HAVE!! And if you don’t have Popcorn Bopping Yet GET IT!!

MUST HAVE…even for adults.

by Erin – reviewed on August 08, 2012

I cannot even express how much I love this cd. These mixes are AMAZING. My kids and I have been rocking out in the car to these tunes and every time they sing We’ll Bring The World His Truth I start crying. Every time. Don’t hesitate to buy this CD it is so great.

Terrific Follow-up to “Popcorn Bopping”

by Michael – reviewed on August 04, 2012

Any family with children will love this CD and it’s predecessor, “Popcorn Bopping”. “Scripture Power”, “Nephi’s Courage”, “Army of Helaman” and others are upbeat arrangements of songs kids are familiar with and will love to sing and dance along to. “Got a Dime in My Pocket” and “I Want to Be a Mother” are fun, nostalgic updates to popular 70’s LDS songs that parents may remember. I was disappointed to have some songs reused from Popcorn Bopping, although with new arrangements (“Saturday”, “Fun to Do”) and would have liked to have seen a mash-up or two like the original had. The arrangement of “The Family Is of God” is worth the price of the album alone. It’s one of the most musically-interesting and doctrinally-important songs in recent memory- Primary or otherwise- and it works remarkably well with a rock ballad arrangement. It’s my favorite of the entire set. Bottom line- any LDS child will love the fun music and uplifting messages in this album. I’m thrilled to add it to my family’s playlist.

All Kinds of Awesome

by Janeen – reviewed on September 08, 2012

These are the versions of the Primary songs my kids want to listen to. This album is more toned down than Popcorn Bopping- there are no block-rocking beats ala ‘Follow the Prophet’, but it is still fun (and respectful) with some old favorites by Janeen Brady thrown in (no relation). Everyone I have recommended this to has also raved about it.

So much FUN!!

by Michelle – reviewed on September 06, 2012

This CD is amazing!! The arrangements of the songs breathes new life into songs we’re familiar with and makes them so much fun to sing. I love having music that is uplifting, fun and that everyone in my family enjoys listening to. If you liked “Popcorn Bopping”, you will LOVE “Scripture Power”! 

Listen to some of the most popular Scripture Power Songs!

  1. 1Scripture Power - We'll Bring the World His Truth
  2. 2Scripture Power - Scripture Power
  3. 3Scripture Power - I'll Follow Him in Faith

David Archuleta Album Completed the Day Before Leaving on His Mission

BEGIN. CDSinger David Archuleta, who is currently serving a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, worked up to the last day before entering the LDS Missionary Training Center to give fans his new album, BEGIN.

The album features covers of popular songs such as “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon and Garfunkel, “In the Name of Love” by U2, and a never-before-heard song co-written by David Archuleta, title “Broken.”

David Archuleta hand-picked each song for this CD, believing that each shares an inspirational message of hope.

 The complete track list:

Beautiful, Christina Aguilerafile

Somewhere Only We Know, Keane

Everybody Hurts, R.E.M.

Don’t Give Up, Peter Gabriel

Angels, Sarah McLachlan

Bridge Over Troubled Water, Simon and Garfunkel

Broken, David Archuleta

True Colors, Cyndi Lauper

In the Name of Love, U2

Be Still My Soul, Sibelius

A music video for his cover of “Everybody Hurts” by REM. The shots of David were recorded in a studio the day before he left on his mission.


Alex Boyé Sings “The Star Spangled Banner” for the First Time as an American Citizen

Alex Boyé became an American citizen on February 22nd, 2012.  Alex, along with 187 others, participated in a naturalization ceremony in the Jeanne Wagner Theater on February 22nd to take the oath and become citizens of the United States. Following the oath, Judge Sam recognized Alex Boyé in the audience and invited him to perform the national anthem as a new U.S. citizen.

Alex went on stage and gave a tearful and enthusiastic performance of “The Star Spangled Banner.”

On June 5th he released Calling America, a collection of five patriotic songs which were handpicked by Boyé to reflect his tender feelings about this country.

 The namesake track of the album, “Calling America”, is an original song written by Alex.  He started writing the song on September 11, 2001, but didn’t finish it until the day he became an American citizen.

The album also includes “Make Them Hear You”, which Alex performed at Glenn Beck’s Restoring Courage Event in Jerusalem fall of 2011.  He earned national attention for his passionate performance.

Purchase Calling America here

Tyler Castleton The Man Behind the Music

When I Can't Speak - The Music of Tyler Castleton CD - CopyAfter nearly two decades of writing, producing and arranging music for some of the industry’s top recording artists and performers, Shadow Mountain Records and Deseret Book is excited to announce the release of the first album ever of Tyler Castleton’s music — “When I Can’t Speak: The Music of Tyler Castleton.”

The 17 track collection album includes some of Tyler’s most requested songs, performed by the most beloved voices in LDS and Christian music. The album also includes brand-new songs, performed by Tyler, as well as newly recorded versions of popular, previously released songs.

The songs on the album, which released May 14th, were hand selected by Castleton.  Each of them has special meaning to him and illustrates his reason for writing. He describes the album as a “celebration of songs,” because it represents the work of so many people.

“This album is as much everyone else’s as it is mine,” Castleton said. “I feel so grateful and so blessed to have been able to work with so many talented people.”

  1. 1When I Can't Speak - When I Sing
  2. 2When I Can't Speak - You Give
  3. 3When I Can't Speak - Walk With Me
  4. 4When I Can't Speak - Shine On
  5. 5When I Can't Speak - Blessed Be His Name

The track list includes:


  1. When I Sing (Tyler Castleton)
  2. When I Can’t Speak (Julie Yardley)

3.  Love Will Find You There (John McVey)

  1. Again (April Meservy)
  2. Just Like a Father Would (Mercy River)
  3. I Will Not Be Still (Kenneth Cope)
  4. Blessed Be His Name (Jenny Phillips)

8. Sometimes He Lets It Rain (Katherine Nelson)

9. For the Love Of a Woman (Jericho Road)



  1. You Can Change (Julie Yardley)
  2. You Give (Hilary Weeks)

12. Walk With Me (Tyler Castleton)

  1. 13.  I Just Knew (Cherie Call)
  2. Sisters In Christ (Gladys Knight)
  3. 15.  Let Him Heal Your Heart (Dave Kimball)
  4. 16.   In the Meantime (Jessie Clark Funk)
  5. 17.   Shine On (David Osmond)


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